Mentorship Program

The mentorship program is a special benefit for Foresight members. By working with the first-year class at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry, Foresight is able to partner interested members with an optometry student.

What do mentors do?

The optometry student serves as the mentor of this member for the entire year and acts as a big. They are great resources, since they can share information about their past experiences, the application process and what optometry school is like.

Mentor-mentee bonding

Throughout the year, Foresight organizes a few events geared toward mentor-mentee bonding

Pre-clinic exposure

In addition to these events, mentors will offer mentees the chance to come shadow them in pre-clinic. This is great exposure to what first-year classes are like as well as to the equipment used in labs.

"So where do i sign up?"

Please contact Natalie at if you are interested in participating!