Gail Gan

“I came to Cal as pre-pharmacy, but before that I was pre-everything in the health field except optometry. I realized pharmacy may not be for me, so I joined Foresight and other pre-health clubs. I experienced much indecisiveness when it came to my future, but still, I stuck to Foresight, even when I stopped going to the other health clubs. All the clubs had plenty of knowledge about their field, but the reason I stuck with Foresight was because of the people. Everyone was friendly, supportive, and more than anything else, they worked hard to make sure you felt you belonged. Because I stuck to the club, I learned more about optometry, and the more I learned, the more I knew that this was the career for me and some wonderful friends along the way. I am happy to say I will be applying to optometry school this cycle, and although I’m nervous, I know Foresight will be with me every step of the way.”

Chynna Tang

“Foresight has been very special to my experience at Berkeley. The club has many aspects that allow it to stand out and attract members: strong membership, a variety of professional and social activities, and like-minded individuals, all of which is backed by an enthusiasm for optometry. My first encounter with Foresight was during Fall Conference of my freshman year. The event was so informative and eye-opening, as I learned how to become the doctor sitting behind the slit lamp! I really think this is a special event that all interested students, no matter what level of interest, should attend.
Although Foresight has a professional focus, it also provides an opportunity to associate with others taking similar classes and undergoing related challenges. Being an officer last year really helped provide a different perspective of the club, as you get to shape the direction of Foresight. It is rewarding to help other people along this journey and a valuable way to keep learning from the many members you meet.”

John Bui

“I was always interested in pursuing a field in vision care, considering I had a lot of family working in the field. My options were medical school, vision therapy, optometry, etc. However, after joining Foresight, I began to shadow my mentors and they showed me how interesting and fun optometry can be. The one-on-one interactions and connections you get with every-day people hooked me in. Everyone in Foresight is extremely welcoming and enthusiastic on not just optometry, but in school, food, and life in general. The presentations led by different optometry schools were exciting to listen to. I learned through Foresight and shadowing that you can diagnose and fix people’s visions with corrective lenses so all in all, you are a doctor to make people happy and if I can do that to just one person at the end of the day, then I am happy, too.”

Kenny Tran

“Foresight has been a key factor in my experience here at Cal. Having played a role as both a member and an Officer, I have gained so much, academically, personally, and especially in regards to Optometry. The connections, interactions, and experiences I’ve had through my three years with Foresight will resonate through my life for many more years to come. To say the least, the members of Foresight have grown to become my family away from home. It is a reassuring feeling knowing that I can be surrounded by so many like-minded people who share the same goals, challenges, and aspirations. Working together, Foresight has made this very big campus feel awfully small and safe.”

Tara Damani

“As a freshman I wasn’t involved in many clubs, but I was taking classes from many different majors to see what interested me. I first became interested in vision health when I took vision science seminars my freshman and sophomore years of college. I joined Foresight at the beginning of my sophomore year not knowing much about optometry. The officers and members were very friendly and made me feel welcome. One of the first activities that I participated in was the mentor program. Through this program I was able to learn more about optometry by shadowing a first year optometry student in pre-clinic and asking many questions. Volunteer events with Foresight such as Prevent Blindness Northern California Screenings gave me hands on experience in optometry by performing visual acuity and retinal imaging tests. Foresight has given me the opportunity to get involved in something I enjoy and build strong friendships.”

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